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Barriers On Online Shopping Due to Covid19

1. Physical barriers:

Customer can't touch the cloth for quality check
Customer can't try the dress
Lack of Communication b/w buyer and seller

2. Emotional barriers:

Can't buy expensive clothes because of financial challenges in Covid19
Many people lost their jobs so no primary source of income

3. Informational barriers:

Customers are not sure about size and colour
Customers not sure about how they can return the product if they don't like it
Customers not sure how they get the solution for any issue with product

4. Technical barriers:

The basket gets empty after 30 mins.
Servier issues on the website
It displays in stock, but actually, products are out of stock.

5. Cultural barriers:

Most website default language is English which is problem for those who don't know english
Limited stock & size is available.

Strategies adopted by SFE to Solve these issues

1. Overcoming physical barrier:

• Create YouTube videos for help.
Listing a detailed description of a product.
Show the models wearing the dress, to understand how it will look

2. Overcoming Emotional barriers:

Generate coupon codes(50-90% off)
Provide free delivery services
Create lucky draw contests.

3. Overcoming Informational barriers:

Customers are not sure about size and colour
Setup Customer Support TEam
Create FAQs

4. Overcoming Technical barriers:

Provide technical support team.
Update regularly about stocks on the website.
Improve website

5. Overcoming Cultural barriers:

Activating all the languages (regional, international).
Adding more varieties of products

Showing Cultural awareness:

It is vital to create cultural awareness and educate people with the technology, and this new normal world made during lockdown by following –

1. Multilingual helpline:

The diversified world with different languages generate helpline facilities in several languages, so it will be easy for everyone to communicate and resolve their issues.

2. Models are culturally diverse:

Models are culturally diverse. So it is the best marketing skill to avoid barrier by dressing an exact model in varieties of clothes and attract people.

3. Locally sourced materials and ethical production- fair wages for all:

In an e-commerce website, different local shopkeepers collaborated with the website and sold their products online. Everyone gets equal, fair and equal wages.